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RAD 140, or Stenabolic, is a SARM that has shown to be more potent SARMS when compared with others. This unique SARM is newer than others, and is still undergoing promising research. RAD 140 (Testolone) is orally bio-available and is able to be suspended or dissolved in specific liquid solutions for research and laboratory applications.

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RAD-140 SARM (Testolone) chemical structure

RAD140 demonstrated excellent affinity for the androgen receptor (Ki = 7 nM versus 29 nM for testosterone and 10 nM for dihydrotestosterone (DHT)) as well as good selectivity over other steroid hormone nuclear receptors, with the closest off target receptor being the progesterone receptor (IC50 = 750 nM vs 0.2 nM for progesterone). In vitro functional androgen agonist activity was confirmed in the C2C12 osteoblast differentiation assay, where an EC50 of 0.1 nM was shown (DHT = 0.05 nM).

RAD 140 SARM Effectively Stimulates The Growth of Muscle Mass in Male Cynomolgous Monkeys

A clinical study published in 2011 examined the anabolic androgenic effect of RAD 140 in young primates, male cynomolgous monkeys. The results on animal body weight of 28-day dosing with this molecule at 0.01 mg/kg, 0.1 mg/kg, and 1 mg/kg are shown in the following figure:

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RAD-140 SARM effectively stimulates the growth of muscle mass

In this study, a mean weight gain of greater than 10% in just 28 days of dosing was achieved at a dose of just 0.1 mg/kg. A similar result was achieved also in the 1.0 mg / kg dose group.

Neuroprotective Effects Of RAD 140 SARM

In a scientific study published in 2014, the neuroprotective effects of RAD 140 in cultured rat neurons and male rat brain were investigated. Neuroprotection is an important neural action of endogenous androgens that is relevant to neural health and resilience to neurodegenerative diseases.

In cultured hippocampal neurons, RAD140 was as effective as testosterone in reducing cell death induced by apoptotic insults. Mechanistically, this molecule’s neuroprotection was dependent upon MAPK signaling, as evidenced by elevation of ERK phosphorylation and inhibition of protection by the MAPK kinase inhibitor U0126. Importantly, the molecule was also neuroprotective in vivo using the rat kainate lesion model.

In experiments with gonadectomized, adult male rats, the molecule was shown to exhibit peripheral tissue-specific androgen action that largely spared prostate, neural efficacy as demonstrated by activation of androgenic gene regulation effects, and neuroprotection of hippocampal neurons against cell death caused by systemic administration of the excitotoxin kainate. These novel findings demonstrate initial preclinical efficacy of a SARM in neuroprotective actions relevant to Alzheimer’s disease and related neurodegenerative diseases.

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Selective androgen receptor modulators are under investigation for an alternative to traditional androgen use. SARMS, like traditional androgens, show promise in promoting muscle growth, increasing bone density, and preventing muscle breakdown in tissues more selectively than androgens such as testosterone.

Traditional androgens such as testosterone and other anabolic and androgenic steroids do not selectively bind to the androgen receptors on muscle and bone. Instead, they bind to other tissues such as prostate for one example. Androgens promote secondary sexual characteristics such as hair growth, deepening of the voice, and other side effects. This makes them less effective overall than SARMS for the desired muscle and bone sparing properties.

Studies have shown that SARMS can promote muscle growth and bone density without the hormonal (androgenic) effects of testosterone. Most SARMS are not structurally similar to traditional androgens. The unique structure of SARMS allow them to target and activate androgen receptors where the therapeutic effect is desired. SARMS activate skeletal muscle androgen receptors and androgen receptors on bones.

Selective androgen receptor modulators are being widely studied by independent researchers, pharmaceutical companies, universities, and other institutions. This due to their specific benefits and favorable side effect profile when compared with traditional androgen therapies. SARMS are not approved for human use. Certain pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are producing clinical research that could be used to provide additional safety and efficacy data for review by the FDA.

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