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Adipotide, or fat targeted proapoptotic peptide (a.k.a. FTPP), is a proapoptotic peptide that kills fat cells by mode of apoptosis. Adipotide is a highly selective fat burning peptide that has proven to show its anti-obesity effects in multiple preclinical studies. Adipotide is one such prohibitin targeting peptide that has been a part of several research studies. Prohibitins are natural proteins found in the body which regulate bodily functions such as cell formation, metabolism, and inflammation.

The molecule was first discovered and researched by a Houston oncologist, Dr. Wadih Arap, and his wife, Renata Pasqualini, who was also a cancer researcher at the same cancer center. What was initially implied to be an anti-cancer drug, Adipotide showed promising results in obesity, leaving the research pioneers “at a loss of words”. It was presumed that the molecule would prevent blood supply to the carcinogenic cells, resulting in carcinogenic cell death and growth inhibition. Upon research, it was discovered that the peptide exhibited the same mechanism of action but on the fat cells instead.

To evaluate the effects of the compound, Adipotide was injected in three different species of Old White monkeys daily for four weeks. No deliberate changes were made to their diet or exercise routine. After the treatment, it was noted that the monkeys lost about 11% of their body weight and 39% of the fat deposits in their bodies.

A peptidomimetic targeting white fat causes weight loss and improved insulin resistance in obese monkeys.

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Peptides Prefer the Cold

Keep peptide vials refrigerated at all times to reduce peptide bond breakdown. DO NOT FREEZE. Most peptides, especially shorter ones, can be preserved for weeks if careful.

Always swab the top of the vial with an alcohol wipe, rubbing alcohol or 95% ethanol before use.

Before drawing solution from any dissolved peptide vial, fill the pin with air to the same measurement you will be filling with solution, ie. if you plan to take 0.1 ml, first fill the pin with 0.1ml of air, push the air into the vial, and then draw the peptide back up to the 0.1 ml marker. Doing so will maintain even pressure in the vial. Always remember to remove air bubbles from the pin by flicking it gently, needle side up, and pushing bubbles out. In addition, push out a tiny amount of solution to ensure there is no air left in the metal tip.


Only Mix With Sterile Bacteriostatic Water

The purity and sterility of bacteriostatic water are essential to prevent contamination and to preserve the shelf-life of dissolved peptides.

Push the pin through the rubber stopper at a slight angle, so that you inject the bacteriostatic water toward the inside wall of the vial, not directly onto the powder.

Lyophilized peptide should be stored at -20°C (freezer), and the reconstituted peptide solution at 4°C (refrigerated). Do not freeze once reconstituted.


Do Not Shake Vial To Mix

Air bubbles are unfavorable to the stability of proteins.

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